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learn to use sharepoint online

Learn to Master SharePoint Online

This comprehensive online course takes you through how to make the most of using SharePoint. It covers the essentials and leads you through to the more advanced features of SharePoint including working with sites, user permissions, content types and retention policies.

Course Information

  • Course Duration: 4 Days Classroom with online video based e-learning
  • Course Delivery: Online
  • Course Price: £75 + VAT
  • Delivered through our Partner Company ProTrainings





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Course Information

The SharePoint Team Site

  Lesson 1 : Getting Started     5m 12s  
  Lesson 2 : The SharePoint Portal     2m 44s  
  Lesson 3 : The SharePoint Modern Team Site     7m 59s  
  Lesson 4 : Site Contents     6m 6s  
  Lesson 5 : Using the Recycle Bin     4m 39s  
  Lesson 6 : Edit the Quick Launch     5m 12s  
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The News Post

  Lesson 7 : Add a News Post     5m 29s  
  Lesson 8 : Edit a News Post     3m 50s  
  Lesson 9 : Add an Image to a News Post     5m 54s  
  Lesson 10 : Add a News Link     1m 36s  
  Lesson 11 : Adding Comments to a Post     3m 37s  
  Lesson 12 : Save a Post     2m 5s  
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The SharePoint Document Library

  Lesson 13 : The SharePoint Document Library     4m 24s  
  Lesson 14 : Add Documents to a Library     4m 42s  
  Lesson 15 : Create a Document in a Library     5m 10s  
  Lesson 16 : Create Folders in a Document Library     2m 43s  
  Lesson 17 : Save a Document to a Library     4m 40s  
  Lesson 18 : Preview Library Documents     4m 30s  
  Lesson 19 : Edit Library Documents     4m 16s  
  Lesson 20 : Move and Copy Documents     8m 32s  
  Lesson 21 : Download Documents     3m 53s  
  Lesson 22 : Pin Documents to Top     3m 18s  
  Lesson 23 : Sort Library Items     5m 0s  
  Lesson 24 : Filter Library Items     6m 30s  
  Lesson 25 : Save and Change Library Views     7m 16s  
  Lesson 26 : Sync a Library     4m 16s  
  Lesson 27 : Delete Documents     2m 22s  
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The SharePoint List

  Lesson 28 : The SharePoint List     3m 21s  
  Lesson 29 : Add an Item to a List     1m 58s  
  Lesson 30 : View and Edit List Items     3m 40s  
  Lesson 31 : Use Quick Edit     3m 52s  
  Lesson 32 : Sort a List     4m 1s  
  Lesson 33 : Filter a List     5m 28s  
  Lesson 34 : Save a List View     4m 21s  
  Lesson 35 : Delete List Items     3m 4s  
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Quick Links

  Lesson 36 : Quick Links     2m 18s  
  Lesson 37 : Add Quick Links     5m 25s  
  Lesson 38 : Edit Quick Links     4m 25s  
  Lesson 39 : Delete Quick Links     1m 48s  

SharePoint Online Power Users (2019)

Working With Alerts 

  Lesson 1 : Add Alerts to Lists and Libraries     7m 6s  
  Lesson 2 : Add Alerts to Items or Documents     7m 47s  
  Lesson 3 : Manage Alerts     5m 22s  
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Working With Lists

  Lesson 4 : Create a List     2m 50s  
  Lesson 5 : Customize a List Name, Description and Navigation     3m 4s  
  Lesson 6 : Add Text Columns to a List/Library     5m 26s  
  Lesson 7 : Add a Yes/No Column to a List/Library     3m 9s  
  Lesson 8 : Add a Choice Column to a List/Library     5m 0s  
  Lesson 9 : Add a Calculated Column to a List/Library     5m 23s  
  Lesson 10 : Create a List From Excel     7m 2s  
  Lesson 11 : Export a List to Excel     3m 59s  
  Lesson 12 : Show/Hide Columns and Change the Column Order     4m 27s  
  Lesson 13 : Group and Sort a List     3m 52s  
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Working With Libraries

  Lesson 14 : Create a Library     3m 4s  
  Lesson 15 : Edit a Library Name, Description and Navigation     2m 7s  
  Lesson 16 : Add a Person Column to a SharePoint Library/List     3m 57s  
  Lesson 17 : Add a Choice Column to a Library/List     6m 28s  
  Lesson 18 : Add a Column for Multiple Lines of Text to a Library/List     2m 36s  
  Lesson 19 : Check Out Documents     4m 24s  
  Lesson 20 : Check In a Document     1m 55s  
  Lesson 21 : Discard a Document Checkout     5m 6s  
  Lesson 22 : Require Document Checkout     3m 3s  
  Lesson 23 : View Major Versions     4m 5s  
  Lesson 24 : Restore Major Versions     3m 9s  
  Lesson 25 : Delete a Major Versions     2m 34s  
  Lesson 26 : Enable Minor (Draft) Versions     5m 1s  
  Lesson 27 : Publish a Minor (Draft) Version     3m 6s  
  Lesson 28 : Delete a Minor (Draft) Version     2m 4s  
  Lesson 29 : Enable Content Approval in a Library/List     4m 45s  
  Lesson 30 : Approve/Reject Submitted Items     2m 45s  
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Working With Pages

  Lesson 31 : Create a Page     5m 52s  
  Lesson 32 : Edit the Page Layout     4m 7s  
  Lesson 33 : Add the File Viewer Web Part     4m 52s  
  Lesson 34 : Add the Text Web Part     4m 21s  
  Lesson 35 : Add the Image Web Part     5m 50s  
  Lesson 36 : Add the Forms Web Part     3m 51s  

SharePoint Online Pro (2020)

Working with SharePoint Apps

  Lesson 1 : Create a List from an Excel Table     6m 1s  
  Lesson 2 : Create Views in Settings     7m 24s  
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Working with SharePoint Sites

  Lesson 3 : Communication Sites     5m 40s  
  Lesson 4 : Create a Communication Site     4m 15s  
  Lesson 5 : Edit Web Part Layouts     5m 5s  
  Lesson 6 : Edit the Hero Web Part Image     6m 31s  
  Lesson 7 : Edit the Hero Web Part Links and Options     6m 2s  
  Lesson 8 : Hub Sites     5m 4s  
  Lesson 9 : Register a Hub Site     5m 1s  
  Lesson 10 : Hub Site Settings     2m 47s  
  Lesson 11 : Associate a Site to a Hub and Add Links     5m 48s  
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Users and Permissions

  Lesson 12 : Permissions     3m 24s  
  Lesson 13 : Permission Groups in Site Collections     5m 24s  
  Lesson 14 : Permission Groups in Group Sites     7m 13s  
  Lesson 15 : Permission Inheritance     5m 21s  
  Lesson 16 : Examine Permission Levels     7m 25s  
  Lesson 17 : Create a Custom Permission Level     3m 42s  
  Lesson 18 : Create Permission Groups     4m 46s  
  Lesson 19 : Stop Permission Inheritance     5m 6s  
  Lesson 20 : Sharing Sites     5m 43s  
  Lesson 21 : Sharing Folders and Files     4m 24s  
  Lesson 22 : Sharing Libraries and Lists     4m 25s  
  Lesson 23 : Changing Sharing Permissions     3m 4s  
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Content Types 

  Lesson 24 : Content Types     1m 45s  
  Lesson 25 : Create a Document Content Type     3m 38s  
  Lesson 26 : Add Site Columns to a Content Type     5m 25s  
  Lesson 27 : Add a New Content Type to a Library     3m 15s  
  Lesson 28 : Display the Content Type in a Library     3m 35s  
  Lesson 29 : Add Content Type Data to a Document     4m 41s  
  Lesson 30 : Surface the SharePoint Properties     6m 46s  
  Lesson 31 : Add a Template to a Library     9m 39s  
  Lesson 32 : Add a Template to a Content Type     7m 28s  
  Lesson 33 : Create a List Content Type     4m 35s  
  Lesson 34 : Add a Content Type to a List     3m 43s  
  Lesson 35 : Edit the List View to Display the Content Type     4m 43s  
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Retention Policies 

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