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Learn the Basics of Adobe Acrobat 11

Designed for business professionals who want to learn how to do more with Adobe Acrobat and make the most of all of the functionality of the product. This course covers how to create a professional looking PDF from a variety of Microsoft Office applications and other files and web sources.

In addition to learning how to add, extract and delete pages within a PDF, you will also learn how to add backgrounds, watermarks and links.

The advanced section of the course covers creating, distributing and sharing PDFs with modules on reviewing and commenting, digitally signing and restricting copying, printing and editing. This is a great course for anyone who wants to make more use of this programme.


Course Information

The Basics of Adobe Acrobat 11 Play Section

  Lesson 1 : Getting Started     3m 45s  
  Lesson 2 : Create a PDF from Acrobat     1m 8s  
  Lesson 3 : Create a PDF from Microsoft Word 2013     1m 35s  
  Lesson 4 : Create a PDF from Excel 2013     2m 3s  
  Lesson 5 : Create a PDF from Microsoft PowerPoint 2013     1m 47s  
  Lesson 6 : Create a PDF from any File     2m 20s  
  Lesson 7 : Create a PDF from the Web     3m 8s  
  Lesson 8 : Create PDF from More than One File     3m 23s  
  Lesson 9 : Create a PDF Portfolio     5m 3s  
  Lesson 10 : Scan a Paper Document as a PDF     2m 41s  
  Lesson 11 : Save a PDF Document as a Word Document     2m 47s  

Working with a PDF Document Play Section

  Lesson 12 : Insert and Delete Pages in a PDF     4m 9s  
  Lesson 13 : Extract and Replace Pages in a PDF     2m 59s  
  Lesson 14 : Split a PDF Document     2m 25s  
  Lesson 15 : Crop Pages in a PDF     2m 45s  
  Lesson 16 : Rotate Pages in a PDF     1m 55s  
  Lesson 17 : Add a Header and Footer     5m 51s  
  Lesson 18 : Edit and Delete a Header and Footer     2m 38s  
  Lesson 19 : Add the Background     4m 5s  
  Lesson 20 : Edit and Delete a Background     1m 56s  
  Lesson 21 : Add a Watermark     4m 42s  
  Lesson 22 : Edit and Delete a Watermark     1m 47s  
  Lesson 23 : Create Bookmarks     4m 31s  
  Lesson 24 : Edit Bookmarks     2m 44s  
  Lesson 25 : Delete Bookmarks     1m 38s  
  Lesson 26 : Create Links     4m 59s  
  Lesson 27 : Edit Links     2m 20s  
  Lesson 28 : Delete Links     1m 18s  
  Lesson 29 : Insert Buttons     4m 32s  
  Lesson 30 : Edit and Delete Buttons     2m 46s  
  Lesson 31 : Add Page Numbers     3m 23s  
  Lesson 32 : Edit and Delete Page Numbers     1m 58s  
  Lesson 33 : Customize Thumbnail Page Numbers     3m 36s  
  Lesson 34 : Number Pages Across Mulitple PDFs     3m 17s  
  Lesson 35 : Edit Page Text     4m 1s  
  Lesson 36 : Insert Text     1m 49s  

Advanced Acrobat 11 Play Section

  Lesson 37 : Create a PDF Form     4m 11s  
  Lesson 38 : Distribute a PDF Form     1m 57s  
  Lesson 39 : View Responses to a Distributed PDF     2m 15s  
  Lesson 40 : Restrict Global Printing, Copying and Editing     4m 40s  
  Lesson 41 : Set Different Permissions For Different Users     5m 23s  
  Lesson 42 : Review and Comment     5m 51s  
  Lesson 43 : Shared PDF Viewing     3m 15s  
  Lesson 44 : Check a PDF for Hidden Information     3m 14s  
  Lesson 45 : Digitally Sign or Certify a PDF     3m 44s  
  Lesson 46 : Compare Two PDF Documents     4m 1s  
  Lesson 47 : Create a Personalized Portfolio     1m 48s  
  Lesson 48 : Insert and Play Video     3m 21s  
  Lesson 49 : Reduce PDF File Size     2m 57s  
  Lesson 50 : Optimize a PDF     5m 20s



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